Poised syncs with your work calendar to discreetly join meetings in Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more.

When you begin a meeting, Poised joins in automatically with live, actionable feedback. When you see this prompt 👇 at the start of your meeting, you’ll know Poised is there–but no one else will. The Poised live feedback window is not even visible to others when you do a screen share.

Poised will offer live feedback on your performance soon after you start talking.

Click the arrows to choose what you receive live feedback on during the meeting.

If there’s something you could fix right away, Poised won’t hesitate to offer actionable advice.

And if you’re doing great–Poised will let you know that, too!

When the meeting ends, you’ll see a quick summary of your performance. You may stop there or choose to see more detailed analysis, including clips of important moments, annotated transcript, and tips for the future.

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