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Poised Payment and Funding Options
Poised Payment and Funding Options

Expense Poised Pro through your company or book with a team

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Poised Pro is the world's best way to improve your communication. We realize this is a financial investment in your career and want to make it as easy as possible to realize.

Expense through your company

A Poised Pro membership is as valuable to your company as it is for you. Many of our members expense their membership to their company, though every company's policy is different.

Example pre-written email to ask your manager

Hi there,

I recently started using Poised, an AI-powered communication coach that I feel could have a positive impact on my work and development at our company. I consider communication to be one of the most important skillsets in my role and Poised a proven and effective way to improve.

The annual membership includes live and post-meeting feedback on confidence clarity, concision, empathy and even non-verbals such as eye contact. I'm even able to improve in my workflow so time isn't taken away from actual work.

My reason for attending this program is simple: I want to increase my ability to create results for [your company] and help drive our business forward. I’m excited to continue growing committed to sharing what I’ve learned with my colleagues.

Who else uses Poised? Top executives at companies like Slack, Dropbox, Accenture, Lattice, and more.

I believe a Poised membership is an important step in my career development and knowledge, and that it will increase my impact at our company. Poised feedback, frameworks, and coaching are a worthy investment for both myself and others and the company.

Book with a team

Poised offers discounts for teams. To create a team booking, email us at

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