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How do I use Poised to help me improve my communication skills?
How do I use Poised to help me improve my communication skills?
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Poised is a desktop app used to record your online meetings, give you real-time feedback about your communication, and a post-meeting report to review your performance in more detail. As you use Poised over time, your personalized insights populate, helping you identify your communication strengths and weaknesses.

If you need help getting Poised set up on your computer, see the help article below:

Once Poised is running in your meeting, you will see your real-time feedback, but don't worry, it's private to you, and no one else will see it even if you share your screen.

After a meeting ends, click on the post-meeting tooltip to navigate to the meeting review page and explore your progress in detail.

Each tab on the "Meeting Review" page will provide in-depth insights about how well you performed in each area. Poised only records you, so you'll notice that the video and audio transcripts are limited to only what you said.

Once you have 3 meetings with Poised, your "my progress" page will populate with your communication trends. Click each skill to review your performance over time.

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