If you want to use the Krisp along with Poised, it can be confusing because both services ask you to change the speaker setting in your meeting tool. The following steps will help you get set up to successfully use both Krisp and Poised together in your meetings.

  1. Set the speaker in the meeting tool you are using to Poised speaker. Follow the steps here for the different meeting tools. You can set the microphone to 'krisp microphone' as recommended by Krisp.

2. Set your speaker setting in Poised to 'krisp speaker'. You can access this setting from the menu in the top Mac bar.

3. Set your speaker in Krisp settings to "Same as System" or any external speaker you might be using in case it is not the default. You can change your speaker in Krisp settings in the future if needed when using an external speaker.

You should be all set to go now for all your future meetings.

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